Dedalus Group is the first healthcare software organization in Italy and one of the major players at the international level, with 1700 employees, including more than 500 abroad. In the past years, Dedalus Group implemented its international expansion by leveraging the full functional coverage of all ICT needs of every healthcare system, either public or private. Now Dedalus Group works in more than 25 countries worldwide, including China, where Dedalus has offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Heilongjiang.

Today, Dedalus has offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Heilongjiang, with national and international staff working on management, sales, and Research & Development.

In China since 2010, Dedalus operates trough the Beijing-based ai???Dedalus Chinaai??? branch, as well as through its controlled Chinese company ai???Sunway Softwareai??? (Daqing). Dedalus has cooperation with strategic partners at the national level, such as Sinopharm, China Telecom, Phicomm and Huawei. The first Chinese localization of Dedalus X1.V1 Interoperability and Cooperation Platform has been successfully completed in 2015. The project , conducted on behalf of the Daqing Municipal Health Bureau , has realized the integration and communication among more than 1,000 healthcare facilities across the territory.

Dedalus Mission: to develop software solutions that support the provision of healthcare to the individual ensuring that they are appropriate, efficient, ethical, and sustainable.

Dedalus Figures

ai??? Over 1,500 Hospitals
ai??? Over 22,000 General Practitioners
ai??? Over 100 Health Authorities/Institutions
ai??? Over 20 Interoperability and Cooperation installations