Case Studies

X1.V1: Daqing Project

Daqing city regional health information system of project construction content can be summarized as “a card, a network a center five service platform (at the grass-roots level and citizens, management, decision making, coordination, business integration) twelve business system”.

Daqing construction project goal is to meet the national standards of health information sharing platform, data sharing and effective use, improve the efficiency of medical services, quality and availability, reduce the medical cost, health card, two-way diagnosis, remote diagnosis, statistics, analysis and performance evaluation

One card: relying on daqing city existing health insurance card, agriculture insurance card, to establish a system of public health one card “all-in-one-card” citizen health.

A network: upgrading an existing network system, establish a perfect “city- county, district – community health service centers, towns and townships level 3 network”.

A center: Daqing city health data center was established.

A platform: Establishing data sharing and exchange platform, and implementation of the local medical institutions internal data connectivity.

Five services: the service at the grass-roots level and the civil service, health service management, the medical collaboration services, business-oriented integration services.

Twelve business systems: public health information system, city, county, township, village, hospital information system, grassroots health institutions of public health service information system, new farming and municipal information platform (upgrade), maternal and child health care information system, mental health, health supervision information system, information system of 120 emergency command information system, regional health care business collaborative information system, public health service information system, network video conference system, and remote consultation information system.