An interoperable platform for self care, social networking and managing of daily activities at home.

The HEREiAM solution is based on an open and flexible platform that allows the integration of third-party services, via defined interfaces. The platform consists of different but meshing modules which form a powerful tool for all the actors involved: senior citizens, informal caregivers and third party service providers.

  • Smart total solution to support healthcare and social assistance and improve the quality of life of elderly , disabled and non-self-sufficient people from their home in an easy and comfortable way
  • Connects the patient with doctors, family members, informal caregivers and the community
  • Supports self-measurements of vital parameters and enables home telemonitoring by hospitals and clinics
  • Configurable set of personalized apps to access any kind of services and information directly from home
  • HEREiAM is co-funded by the AAL-Ambient Assisted Living Joint Program (Reference: AAL-2012-5-054) and the Ntaional Authorities and R&D Programs in Italy, Belgium, Romania and the Netherlands.


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