Interoperability Platform X1.V1

One of the most relevant applications of healthcare information management is the exchange of health information among disparate administrative and clinical information systems. Interoperability enables data and information generated by one system to be accessed and used in a meaningful way by another system, covering health and patient information, clinical knowledge and workflow, as well as providing the tools to implement decision support systems.
The most outstanding solution within Dedalus interoperability portfolio is “X1.V1” (Interoperability & Communication Platform), which provides all the mechanisms to set up efficient cross-institution healthcare networks, by enabling the exchange of information among various actors, such as:

  • the different departments within a single hospital
  • hospitals at different administration levels
  • hospitals at the same administration level in a specific national,
  • regional or community area
  • healthcare institutions, hospitals and other healthcare actors (insurances, pharmacies, etc.)
  • healthcare institutions/providers and the citizens

X1.V1 is currently the most advanced tool worldwide to enable the application of innovative healthcare models, by:

  • Supporting the decision-making processes related to healthcare, by offering effective tools to monitor the general healthcare status of the population, the quality of healthcare performance and the financial costs
  • Enhancing the quality and efficiency of the provision of care to the patient, by setting up networks and promoting the cooperation among the different caregivers in the provision of diagnosis and treatment and by strengthening the quality of management and administration of each single facility
  • Improving the circulation of health-related information from the institutions towards the patient
  • Enhancing epidemic diseases and cancer detection rate

With over twenty installations already in place, X1.V1 represents one of the rare examples of successful interoperability platforms worldwide, also thanks to its flexibility, its ability to be applied to very complex processes, its low costs and fast delivery timing.

International Standards: IHE

Dedalus is an active member of IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise), an international SDO which promotes the coordinated use of established standards, such as DICOM and HL7, to address specific clinical needs in support of optimal patient care. Dedalus is therefore the most suitable partner to secure the compliance of its clients’ products to international standards, as well as their integration with the national ones.

X3.V1: Hospital Integration Platform

• Compliance with both international and domestic standards
• International and domestic cases
• Full integration among hospital local systems and Departments
• Stable system and powerful features
• Short implementation cycle and fast results

Dedalus representatives have prominent roles in IHE Europe, IHE Italy, and are members of IHE International.

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