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The promotion and awareness of the population to adopt healthy lifestyles are of primary importance for a health system characterized by quality of care. Cancer prevention campaigns allow early diagnosis and promote population education and information about healthy and appropriate lifestyle habits. The project offers a turnkey solution for prevention campaign at both local and national level especially for breast, cervical and colorectal screening, which can also be extended to other screenings.

The System supports prevention processes, through systems for the management of cancer screening caimpaigns, to facilitate the identification of target population, the management of invitations to screening, the communication of screening results, the management of follow up visits in case of positive results, as well as the monitoring by relevant authorities of participation to the prevention campaigns

  • 25 years of continuous and successful experience
  • more than 200 prevention campaigns managed
  • target population of more than 17,000,000 citizens
  • deep experience in the management of more than 21,000 primary care medical records
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    Pharmoduct: Automatic Compounding system for Antineoplastic Drugs
    A innovative robotic system for automatic antineoplastic drugs compounding which could Enhances the level of hospital modernization, intelligent management.
    Pharmoduct can apply to different kinds of compounding settings:

    • In-ward Compounding
      Most traditional setting, each hospital ward has its own preparation unit, preparation is locally managed by each single ward
    • Hospital centralized compounding
      Common in bigger hospitals, only one preparation unit (PIVAS) serving all hospital wards. The unit gets prescriptions, centrally manages compounding, then dispatches back to wards.
    • Regional centralized compounding
      Most innovative model, can apply to both regional settings and/or to hospitals groups. Compounding unit is located either in a regional dedicated center or within the main hospital of a group and serves several drug administration facilities within a district/area.
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